Wheelchair Distribution


Caritatea organises a yearly wheelchair distribution event with the aid of Joni and Friends Ministries. JAF Ministries helps with supplies and a team of experienced volunteers to tailor the wheelchairs to every individual person's needs.

Wheelchair Repairs

Temporary Equipment


Medical Advice

Social Help





With the aid of Caritatea in The Netherlands and JAF Ministries from the USA, Caritatea has set up a wheelchair repair workshop to maintain the wheelchairs distributed earlier and to maintain the inventory of equipment for temporary use.

Caritatea has a good cooperation with the local hospitasl for the supply of equipment for temporary use, mostly revalidations. Caritatea receives frequent requests for such equipment and is happy to help out.



​Besides wheelchairs and other eqpuiment, Caritatea also helps disabled people with other aid, like fysiotherapy, medicines and advice. There is a great team of volunteers to help with a wide variety of skills, but the same mindset and care for disabled people.

Caritatea - The Netherlands

Joni and Friends Ministries - USA

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